How It Works

Carbonless is a substitute for “one time carbon or multi-use carbon paper”. Through carbonless paper one can instantly and automatically transfers a text or an image from one sheet to another by the interaction of two special coatings under the pressure of a pen or a dot matrix printer.
    The carbonless system comprises of three different types of coated paper:
  • CB (Coated BACK), always the top sheet. It is coated on the back with
  • microcapsules. It transmits the image.
  • CFB (Coated FRONT and BACK), the middle sheet. It is coated on the front
  • with reactive material (CF) and on the back with microcapsules (CB). It
  • receives and transmits the image.
  • CF (Coated FRONT), always the bottom sheet. It is coated on the front with a
  • special absorbent and reactive material. It receives the image.
Carbonless Paper