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About Us

Vividh Print Media Pvt Ltd (VPM) was established in the year 1992 to cater to the needs of printers and continuous stationery converters for supplying carbonless paper for multipart documents to be printed on dot-matrix printers. VPM single-handedly developed and created a market for carbonless paper by creating awareness about carbonless paper amongst printers and converters and educating them regarding benefits of carbonless paper. Gradually, carbonless paper was well accepted by end-users and printers for multipart documents like invoices, courier dockets, application forms and banking pin mailers.

VPM has been importing and selling well-known brand “Impression 2000” carbonless paper for more than a decade now. Impression 2000 is manufactured by Pindo Deli Pulp & Paper Mills, Indonesia (APP group). Impression 2000 is the benchmark for quality carbonless paper and is the first choice of printers and converters. VPM is the largest importer and distributor for Impression 2000 carbonless paper in India and is supplying to printers, converters and paper dealers all across India.

Rapid growth in retail segment necessitated adoption of POS terminals and thermal printers. In view of the benefits offered by thermal printers several billing applications have switched to thermal printers (eg. POS, cinema tickets, parking tickets, lottery, toll tax receipts and many more). Thermal paper is the only consumable required to operate thermal printers and due to mass usage of thermal printers there is a surge in demand for thermal paper.

VPM is importing and distributing Hansol thermal paper all across India. Hansol Paper Co Ltd is a South Korean mill and is one of the largest and oldest manufacturer of thermal paper. With Hansol thermal paper our customers are assured of long image stability, better image density and consistent quality. VPM has been successful in establishing Hansol thermal paper as the preferred choice for converters and end-users for all their applications.

The name Vividh Print Media is synonymous with “carbonless paper” and “thermal paper” for printers and converters. VPM is at the forefront of carbonless paper and thermal paper market by bringing in the best of class products. We have forged long-term relationship with globally recognized manufacturers i.e. Hansol for thermal paper and Group APP for carbonless paper.

VPM has very clear objectives and it has a single-minded devotion to satisfying its customers with on-demand regular supplies, timely delivery and competitive pricing.



We firmly believe in quality and it is reflected in our product range. Our product portfolio comprises of carefully selected brands and products that adhere to the strictest quality control. We stand committed to all the products that are marketed by us in terms of quality and performance. We have professional, dedicated and experienced staff to serve you. We believe in developing long-term customer relationships, and as a result, have achieved steady growth while maintaining our original customer base

Our motto is “client satisfaction at any cost”. We put the client first and commercial interests second in all our dealings. We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with our service. It is a testimony to our service that we have grown due to “word-of-mouth” promotion by our clients.

"Fair dealing, impeccable service and unbeatable price"